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How do I join an Organisation?
How do I join an Organisation?
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During Registration

If you wish to join an organisation that is already registered you can do this by selecting ‘Yes, I want to join an Organisation’ on the ‘Organisation Page’ of the registration flow.

You will then be able to search for your organisation to join. If your organisation doesn’t appear in the search make sure to check the abbreviated and full name of the organisation.

Once you have selected your organisation follow the prompts to complete your registration. You can either register as an individual or Create a team.

Please read the Article on How do I form a team and add team members.

After Registration

Ensure you are logged in using the details you signed up with, then navigate to your Organisation's fundraising page and click 'Join Us'. You will be asked to confirm that you want to join the organisation, and may be prompted to select a department (if your organisation is using departments).

If you don't know your organisations page link, click here to search, once the page is found click "Join Us".

If you need further help, please contact the Customer Support team via with the details of the organisation you should be registered with.

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