This year we are pleased to have a larger pool of wearables you can connect to the app, making your STEPping easier than ever!

You can connect either Fitness Activities, or your Daily Step Count from your preferred wearable.

Fitness Activities - These are walking or running activities recorded and measured by the GPS tracking on your wearable device.

Activities like cycling, swimming etc will not be automatically synched to the app. If they are converted to steps by your specific tracker, then they can be added in using the daily step count function.

Note: at this time Google Health is not able to be connected however we are working on that for 2023 to replace Google Fit

Devices Requiring a Third Party Connector: These devices require a connector to pull the data from the device into the app. For example, if you are using a FitBit device and want to pull your step data into the app, you should first connect your FitBit to Google Fit and then log your steps via the instructions above.

The STEPtember app allows you to connect your wearable device to:


Daily Step Count (logged via the instructions above)

Daily Step Count via a Third Party Connector

Fitness Activities
(as defined above, will automatically appear in your step total and event feed)


Via Google Fit


Apple Health (iOS only)

Google Fit (Android only)


Via Apple Health

Samsung Health (Galaxy Watch)

Via Apple Health
Via Google Fit


Via Apple Health
Via Google Fit


Via Apple Health

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NOTE: If you did not connect your wearable during the app set up you can do it later by going into the App, click on ‘menu’ then ‘Link Wearables’.

NOTE: If you are experiencing issues with your app, please go to your App store and ensure you are using the latest version of the App you can also run through APP Troubleshooting.

Please also check out more information on the STEPtember APP here!

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