1. Log into the App

  2. Connect Wearable

    1. After login for first time OR

    2. Menu > Link Wearables

  3. Click on Fitbit

    1. Connectand Sign into your FitBit Cloud Account

    2. Success screen click Done

    3. FitBit should be ticked

4. Check that your FitBit cloud account(either on your mobile FitBit App or a desktop at fitbit.com) has a device linked and is syncing data:

5. Once steps are being logged in the FitBit Cloud Account:

a. Open the App click on the Daily Steps Blue Box

b. Click Steps

c. From the Dropdown select FitBit and click log Steps(these will include activity steps as well as background Steps)

d. Steps logged will be displayed in the Daily Steps Blue Box

6. Once Steps are logged, you cannot log the same steps again

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