When you first log into you account you will be brought to your dashboard. This is the page where you can access previously ran experiments or create new ones.

You can toggle between a thumbnail view and a list view, depending on your preference of how to view the portal.

When on the thumbnail view, you can sort through you experiments by selecting the type or experiment, the status of the experiment or searchin in the search bar.

In the list view you can sort through your experiment list by either arranging the columns in alphabetical order (just click on the column title) or by using the search bar.

Some Useful Search Suggestions:

  • The name or email address of the person who created the experiment
  • The date when the experiment was created ("YY-MM-DD")
  • The client's name that the experiment was for
  • The unique experiment ID

To create a new experiment click the "New Experiment" button in the top left of the screen, and then choose which type of experiment you want to run. 



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