Optimizing your usables is very important because it can help lower your cost as well as lower the time your experiment is in field. The higher your usable rate the less amount of completes you need for an experiment. The best practice for optimizing usable is panelist's behavior. The better a panelist behaves the more likely their session will be usable. Here are some tips you can suggest to your panelists to ensure good behavior:

  • Make sure respondents are on the correct operating system, Window or Mac OSX
  • Make sure respondents are on the correct browsers, our portal supports Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+ and Firefox
  • We are unable to use Safari because Safari is very aggressive about blocking the flash plugin, which is used to play video stimuli and record webcam videos. This makes sessions very difficult to complete because testers must find and understand the series of steps to unblock the flash plugin.
  • Keep your stimuli in view long enough for respondents to see the whole thing but not too long that they disengage. We suggest no longer than 90 seconds for the eye tracking
  • ┬áIf they have already seen the stimuli they are more likely to disengage during eye tracking
  • If testing multiple stimuli with minor changes, switch up the respondents. If the same respondent is exposed to multiple stimuli that are similar they will start to get bored towards the end and you risk a higher change of disengagement.

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