When creating a custom experiment, you have full access to customize your playlist. One of the advanced features you have access to is deciding if your playlist is going to be a set order, or if you want to add your media in a randomized list.

When creating your playlist, you can select to add your media to the experiment.


A prompt will open that allows you to upload your media. Once all of your media is uploaded you can select the media you would like to add into the experiment. If you would like a standard order, you can add in one media at a time in the preferred order.

If you wish to randomize the media you can select all the media at once.

Once you select more than one media, it will open the options for randomizing the images. You can select how many of the images you want each respondent to see from the list of media you created. You can also give your list a unique name to easily identify it if you have multiple lists.

When you click to save it, the media will be added to your playlist. You will see a spot on your playlist for each element being shown. For instance, if you select to show all 3 media, you will see 3 slots in your playlist. The system will randomly show all three media in a randomized order. It will not show any of the media more than once.




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