As the world consumes an ever growing quantity of content and advertising on mobile devices, it's only natural to assume that any platform that offers eye tracking on digital content will need to accommodate a mobile strategy as well. Sticky's solution for mobile eye tracking is described below.

When you are setting up your Sticky experiment, you are given the option to select "desktop" vs "mobile" as the platform on which your uploaded media should be viewed by the panelists.


If "mobile" is selected, the media is shown to the panelists in a mobile simulator as shown below. The background color (white in the case of the image below) is configurable.


While not truly mobile, our simulator based approach allows you to get quick results without having to worry about app installs and versions and in addition, you can test simulators for both iOS and Android.


The link below will take you to a live view of our mobile simulator in action.

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