To know where the respondents who entered your experiment ended up, check the status of your sessions on the "Participants" page. 

Here are the definitions of the different statuses that sessions can have:

  • Total. The total amount of respondents who have clicked on the link to enter the survey (includes screen outs, partials, excluded sessions, and completes).
  • Excluded. Sessions which have been manually selected to be excluded from the data (such as tests).
  • Screen out. Sessions where a respondent is unable to enter the experiment due to technical reasons. (Does not have a webcam, unsupported operating system, unsupported browser, etc.)
  • Partial. Sessions where the respondent has stopped the eye tracking by manually closing out.
  • Complete. Sessions that have successfully completed eye tracking.
  • Usable. Sessions which have been determined to be perfect eye trackings after passing through processing.
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