In the “Designer” tab, under the new objects section, drag and drop a “Directive” into the Questionnaire Tree.

Change the directive type to “Multiple questions per page”. Click Save.

Drag and drop a new object “Open Text”. In the text box next to “Question ID” type in “stickyResult”. Click Save.

Add another open text and this time insert “participant” in the “Question ID”. Drag and drop a new object “Info”.

In the text box write: “When you have successfully completed eye tracking click the next arrow”.

Then hit Enter and paste the javascript snippet from the Sticky portal.

Add another directive into the questionnaire tree, this time change the directive type to “One question per page”.

Add a “condition” underneath the directive. Make sure the condition branches says “If..Then”
Paste in “!f('stickyResult').toString().ToLower().Contains('SUCCESS'.ToLower())“ and click Save.

Under the condition drag an “info” object in and title it “screened out”.

[Optional] If you would like to end the survey for the "screened out", drag in a “stop” object





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