1. Get the Qualtrics code snippet from the Sticky portal
  2. Create a blank Qualtrics survey
  3. Click Advanced Options -> Add Block. Repeat this step twice
  4. You should have 3 blocks - one for pre-qualification questions, one for the eye tracking experience, and one for post-exposure questions.
  5. Change the block names to "Pre-eye tracking block", "Sticky eye tracking", and "Post-eye tracking block". This makes things clearer when setting up branching and survey flow.

6. Inside the "Sticky eye tracking" block, click “Create a new item” and select "Descriptive Text" In the text box write "Please wait while your session loads."

7. Click the gear icon located to the left of your descriptive text, and click "Add JavaScript..." in the menu that appears.

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8. In the window titled "Edit Question JavaScript", delete the default JavaScript and paste in your code snippet.

9. Click Save

Your survey is set up to run eye tracking sessions! Now we'll configure the survey to branch properly based on success or failure.

  1. Near the top of the screen, click the "Survey Flow" button.
  2. Adding the branch logic for a failure (when eye tracking does not return "SUCCESS"):

3. Within the block that says "Show Block: Sticky eye tracking", click "Add Below".

4. Select "Branch", and click "Add a Condition"

5. Set up the condition "If Embedded Data StickyResult Is Not Equal to SUCCESS".

6. Under the condition you set up, click "Add a New Element Here".

7. Click "End of Survey", and click “customize”. Select Redirect to a URL and insert the panel Terminate redirect link here.

Ensure the Qualtrics survey response contains the eye tracking results:

  1. Again within the block that says "Show Block: Sticky eye tracking", click "Add Below".
  2. Select "Embedded Data".
  3. The "Set Embedded Data" block will appear before the branch logic you just set up - this is normal and correct.

4. Replace "Enter Embedded Data Field Name Here..." with "StickyResult".

5. Click "Add a New Field", and this time replace "Enter Embedded Data Field Name Here..." with "StickyParticipant".

6. Click ”Save Flow” at the bottom

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