When creating a custom experiment you have the option of self fielding to your own panel. When self fielding, you typically want to test out the flow to make sure that everything runs smoothly. After running test sessions, you want to delete those sessions so that the test sessions do not get mixed in with the real results. We have two ways you can do this:

When setting up the experiment:

  1. When creating a custom experiment you are able to choose your crowd. First, you want to select whether you are going to launch through our panel, a redirect or a javascript.  
  2. If you select self fielding (javascript or redirect) you will be redirected to the verification process. This is where you will see the sessions that you have ran. This sessions list will be updated every 10 seconds while you test out your experiment.   
  3. Once you confirm that everything is working correctly, you can go ahead and exclude all your test sessions. In order to do that, all you need to do is check the box in the column titled “excluded”.

4. This will exclude all of your test sessions from the data when the experiment is completed. You can then proceed to next step and launch your experiment.

If you forgot to exclude the sessions prior to launching, it’s okay! You can still exclude sessions while the experiment in progress or completed.

  1. On the Sticky dashboard, you can hover over the experiment and select “Details” this will open up a window with all of the details of the experiment.

2. One of the options on the window will be called “Participant Sessions”, click that.

3. This will open up a list of all the participants that have entered the experiment. Find the sessions that you need to exclude.

4. You can then click the box in the “Exclude” column which will exclude these sessions from the results. You will see that their “Usables”

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