Earn attention with the right ad design. Find out if your ad is truly noticed and how people engage with it. 

Your ad might be 100% viewable, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually seen. Optimize your ad campaign by comparing different ad versions to understand how much visual attention they receive and how effective they are at triggering brand recall. A design that gains attention means a successful ROI instead of a wasted opportunity.

Display Ad A/B Test

A/B tests different versions of your ad in isolation. By doing this you can identify which is most effective at delivering your message to your target audience. This test dives into what elements of the ad are seen and how they resonate with your audience allowing you to fine-tune your content and design for maximum impact.

Good ads draw attention to key elements as well as resonates positively with the target audience. While each piece of creative is unique, there are a set of repeated key weaknesses seen in media which can be quickly identified and fixed, e.g. too many words relative to time spent, key imagery is missed, brand is missed.

Optimize Ad sample report
How to create an Optimize Ad report

Embedded Display

The “Embedded Display” test helps you optimize your campaign by comparing  how much visual attention your different ad versions receive and how effective they are at triggering brand recall.

Participants visit an identical web page and are randomly exposed to one  version of your ad to measure how well each version breaks through the clutter. How much attention your ad receives indicates the level of interest and correlates strongly with metrics such as likability, purchase intention, and click.

Increase Reach sample report
How to create an Increase Reach report

Embedded Display & A/B test

This test combines methodologies from both tests above to measure how well your ad breaks out of the clutter, brand/message recall and engagement with key elements.

Video A/B Test

In this test your video ad is presented to your target audience in full screen to measure attention and engagement with key advertising elements such as brand, product and endorsers. By A/B testing different edits of your video ad this test helps your team find the most effective version based on attention data and attitude assessment.

Find Optimal Video Design Direction sample report
How to create an Find Optimal Design Direction report

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