Let Sticky source participants for you

Sticky is integrated with third party panel vendors to assist you in recruiting the right panelists to participate in your experiment. You can select the requirements you need the in app, and the system will tell you how much it will cost. If you do not see the criteria you need, feel free to reach out to us in the Help section and we will be able to provide you with a custom bid.

Source participants yourself

If you already have your own way of reaching participants you can integrate Sticky into your flow in two ways:

  1. JavaScript integration
  2. Redirect link

JavaScript Integration

Using JavaScript will allow you full flexibility and truly seamless integration with your existing flow - participants will not even leave your website, and eye tracking will just be the part of your survey like any other question.

To help you get started, we already wrote JavaScript code that can be used with multiple different survey providers. Just select the survey provider, copy and paste the code from our platform and follow our very simple step-by-step tutorial of how to add the code into your desired platform.

In case you are not using one of the listed survey providers, you can write your own custom code. Learn more about JavaScript integration in our complete JavaScript integration guide.

Redirect Link

If you disabled javascript for either security or privacy reasons, you can still integrate with Sticky using redirect link. You can decide where the respondents will be redirected after eye tracking data collection is finished and we will create a link for you to send out to respondents.

Learn more about how to use redirect link here.

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