Stoic will always manage all funds available in your Spot balance in the Binance account which you have connected to Stoic. Thus, if you don't want to get some of your funds sold by Stoic when it will form a top 30 altcoins portfolio, you need to use a separate Binance account.

If Stoic sees more funds than the funds you have paid for setting up the account, it will detect them as a deposit and will ask for 5% of the amount.

If you don't want your whole amount to be managed: withdraw the amount you want to the other account, make a new account or a sub-account especially for Stoic and change the API keys through the app.

If you have insufficient fees, and then change the API key, you will still see the fees in the app.

Will the fees go away? No, they won't disappear automatically, however that will not affect your trading, it will continue with the amount you have in your Binance account.

To get rid of the old fees, please send a message into the in-app chat and we will swiftly recalculate everything to be shown correctly!

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