What is the Quality Control Feature?

The quality control feature was created to provide closer insights to damages and defective items. Currently, updates to damages and defective units, needs to be done through the production queue and specifically the position card.

Where to view the Quality Control Feature?

This new feature can be accessed in the order itself, below the External Notes Card (see image below).

This card will display the total number of units that are either damaged or defective along with the total loss for both.

What can you do with this new feature?

When you click on “View D&D”, a modal (pop up) will display the different products (by size), along with the Damages and Defective counts (if available).

Here one can go in and update each product, rather than doing it through the production queue. Once the counts are updated the issue and resolution will need to be selected (NOTE: The dropdown for issue and resolution are based on the items in your field manager. See Setup section for more details).

Internal Notes and Link to Image Folder are optional. When save is clicked the order will be updated with these values and the card on the order will now display the counts with the amount loss (see below).

Is there any special setup?

In order to make sure your Issue & Resolution dropdowns are populated correctly, you will need to add them in your Field Manager. To do this go to:

Settings → Field Manager → Scroll to Quality Control Issue / Quality Control Resolution

Once added you will see them populate in their respective dropdowns.

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