It's important to be familiar with how your Storefront works from your customers perspective. That way you're best-placed to offer support as required, and able to run your business more effectively.

We have created this handy guide to take you through how Stora works for your customers.

  1. Booking a Unit Online

  2. Account set-up

  3. Online Check-in

  4. Move in Day

Booking a Unit Online

In your Online Storefront, the customer can scroll through the units available at your facility.

When they have had their selection they will click on ‘Book Now’ next to the unit they wish to book.

They will then be directed to the booking page and asked to fill out their name, email address, mobile number, home address, select a move in date and a level of contents insurance.

Should customers wish to add a discount coupon they can do this here by clicking on "Add a discount code". Further information on customer coupon code can be found here.

On the next page they will be asked to fill out their payment details.

When completed they will select "Save card".

The customer will then be greeted with a message to confirm that the unit is reserved and to direct them to the next steps.

At this point the customer can proceed with the Online Check-in process by clicking on 'Complete check-in'. Alternatively, they can access and complete check-in at a later time by following the link in their confirmation email. Further details on Check-in can be found here.

Account set-up

When a booking is complete the customer will receive a confirmation email which includes links to 'finish setting up your account' and 'Complete Online Check-in'.

By clicking on the link to 'finish setting up your account here' the customer will be able to set up their own Stora customer account using their registered email address. All they have to do to set up the account is confirm their email and create a password.

Once signed in to 'Your Account' customers can see details about their subscription including Move in Date and Site/Unit Type.

Should the customer wish to cancel they can do so by clicking on 'Cancel'.

If they wish to view payment details they can click on the 'View payment details' link.

Customers can access their account at any time using their registered email address and created password.

Online Check-In

Customers can access the Online Check-in immediately after booking, or via the link in their confirmation email.

They will firstly be asked to confirm their email before being directed to the intro page which gives the customer some information on what they need in order to complete the check-in. When ready, they will press 'Start'.

The first 3 steps will ask the customer to upload a file and/or picture. When each document has been uploaded correctly the customer can click 'OK' to move to the next step.

The final step involves customers reading and signing a copy of a contract for your facility.

When the Online Check in is complete both you, as the Stora operator, and the customer will be emailed to confirm that it has been done. In this email the customer will be advised that should there be any issues with their documentation someone will be in touch. Provided all is well, they will receive further instructions on how to access their storage unit on the day of move in.

You can check customer documentation on typeform.

Move in Day

On their move in day the customer will receive an email to advise them that their unit is now available.

This email also includes details of how to access the unit - the example above is what you might see for a customer using the Noke Smart Entry app. This email will also remind the customer to complete Online Check-in, provide directions to your facility and include any further details regarding entry and/or use of your facility.

The customer now has everything they need for a smooth and stress-free move in.

We really hope this is useful for you in order to see what the customer experiences from booking right through to move in. Please do access our help desk for further details on what you need to do as a Stora operator when a booking is made. For extra peace of mind, you can find an operator move-in checklist here.

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