Unit orders track the steps associated with moving in a customer to a unit. Each order consists of a few sections that provide all the information on the order and break down the different steps of the process.

Creating a unit order

New Unit orders (move-ins) can be created one of 2 way:

Unit order sections

Unit order sections

There are 3 tabs to a unit order: 

  • Progress

  • Summary

  • History


This section will take you through all the steps associated with the unit order to get the customer moved-in. Read about each step in the Unit order: Steps help doc.


Get a quick overview of the order details, including:

  • Submitted: Date order was submitted

  • Name: Customer name

  • Email: Customer email address

  • Phone: Customer phone number

  • Site: Site which the customer has booked a unit in

  • Unit type: The type of unit that the unit order is booked for

  • Deposit: Deposit amount being charged

  • Monthly rent: Rent rate to be charged per month

  • Move-in date: Currently booked move-in date for the order

  • Prepayment: Number of months that are being charged in advance for the unit being rented.

unit order summary details


As with every part of the system, each unit order has a detailed history section where you can see the full audit history of anything that has happened on each respective order.

From this section, you can manually add comments and images which will be logged in the history section with the latest action / comment added at the top of the list.

unit order history

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