• Unit-order steps: Learn more about the different steps in a unit order from the Unit order: Steps help doc.

  • Creating unit orders: Learn how unit orders are created from the Unit order: Overview help doc.


Once a unit has been reserved, the next step is to review and confirm the order.

This step will show a summary of the order including the reserved unit, deposit & rent, prepayment, move-in date, etc. Edits can be made to the details or reserved unit.

Unit progress: review and confirm order

Edit order

Click on ✎ Edit order to bring up a window to change Move-in date, Deposit, Monthly rental and number of months Prepayment.

edit unit order

Change unit

You can change the unit associated with the unit order by clicking on ✎ Change unit and selecting an alternative unit from available units.

change unit associated with unit order

Confirm order

Once all details are confirmed, click ✔️ Continue.

unit progress: confirm unit order

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