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While you will setup the main details and default prices for each storage item in the main Item settings, you can choose which of the default list of items you want to offer and customise each item's price in each market's settings panel.

Note: Even if you only have one market in your instance, you still need to add the items to the market for them to be visible to customers when they place orders.

Item market-specific settings

The main way a multiple market setup is used is to differentiate between charging customers by the item vs charging them by volume-based plans. In the case of plan-based pricing, your items should be priced at 0 as the customer will be paying for the plan instead as in the examples below.

Item-based pricing

Item-based pricing item market settings

Plan-based pricing

Plan-based pricing item market settings

Adding an item type to a market

  • In the Market settings, click on the Items tab and click on the + icon

  • Choose an item from the Type dropdown.

  • The Price and Display price will auto fill with the default settings for that item in the main settings panel.

  • You can update each of these, if you wish. 

  • In the case that you have a dual-language setup, the Display price will have 2 entries so you can enter the terms in both languages respectively.

Adding a storage item to a market

Hint: Add the storage items in the order that you want them to appear in the Valet Customer Portal so that they are correctly arranged.

Removing an item type from a market

If you'd like to remove an item from a market, click on the item and then click on the Delete button.

Removing an item from a market

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