The Job tab and job flow is being replaced by Valet orders. Read the help doc for Valet orders here.


The Jobs tab is the place where you'll manage all your day-to-day operations. Each line is a separate job which will be either one of or a combination of 3 job types:

  • Empty boxes: Delivery of empty boxes to a customer.

  • Delivery: Return delivery of items from storage to customer.

  • Collection: Collection of items from customer to go into storage.

Depending on how a job is created, jobs can be stand alone jobs of one of the types listed above or include a combination of those steps. They can also systematically be linked to other jobs (i.e. linked empty box & collection jobs).

If you want to change the number of results loaded in the page, there is a button at the bottom of the page to do just that.


As with the other tabs, you can filter the data based on different criteria and export the filtered data in a comma separated value (csv) file format.

Data can be filtered according to these filters:

  • State: In progress (still has tasks to be completed); Complete (all tasks done); Cancelled (no further actions possible on cancelled jobs); Failed (delivery or collection failed for whatever reason).

  • Date: The date the delivery or collection is booked to take place on.

  • Area: The area where the job is booked for as per the options setup in the Area settings.

  • Type: One of the types of jobs as outlined above.

  • Assigned to: Filter by the respective driver the job is assigned to.

  • Customer: Filter by a specific customer.

Assigning jobs to a driver

You can setup different Management Portal users as drivers by giving them a Driver Admin role and then assign jobs to different drivers to help manage workload and logistics planning.

Simply select the job(s) you want to assign by clicking on the respective tick box next to each job. The top menu bar will turn green and you can then click on Assign to driver and select a driver from the pop up list.

Drivers will receive a notification email that a job has been assigned to them and you can use the Assigned to filter to sort jobs for a specific driver.

Data export

Click on the Export button to generate a csv file export of the data returned based on the settings you have applied. Once the file is generated, you'll see this become a green "Click to download" button.

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