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To understand how jobs work in general & the setup of a job page, check out the Job Overview doc.

An Empty box delivery job involves picking and assigning empty (unassigned) boxes to be sent out to a customer for them to pack and return for storage.

When an order is created from the Customer Portal and boxes are ordered, the Empty box delivery job and the Collection job are booked at the same time and will be linked as Related jobs. 

If an Empty box delivery job is created from a User's page in the Management Portal, the job is a standalone job and a separate Collection job will need to be booked once the Empty box delivery job has been completed and the boxes delivered to the customer.

1. Pick from warehouse

Assigning boxes to the order / customer

The first step of the job is to pick the items ordered by the customer. Click on the Add button to bring up the pop-up to enter the box ID of an empty / unassigned box. You can input this manually or use a barcode scanner to scan the barcode label of the box to autofill the ID. Click OK to proceed and add the next boxes.

A summary of the items added to the order is generated below the Pick from warehouse section and in the Items section below.  

If you need to remove a picked item, just click on the x icon to the right of that item. 

Items added when picking for an Empty box delivery job must be unassigned boxes. If they aren't or they have already been added to the job, the system will return an error. The Items Tab will list out the latest state for each item in your system.

Once all the requested boxes have been added to the order, the Picked button will turn green and you'll be able to proceed onto the Deliver to customer step.

At this point in time, the item state for the items will be set to In transit (to customer).

Adding Store products

Any Store products that have been requested as part of an order that are added will result in the respective one-off charge for that item to be added to the Charges section.

If you need to remove a Store product that was picked, click on the x icon to the right of the product. Note that you will need to manually remove the charge that was added for the item you are deleting (click on the trash icon next to the respective charge in the Charges section).

Note: The picking on a job can be completed any time that all the requested empty boxes have been picked even if not all the Store products have been aded. This is because store products don't have tracked inventory and as such if you don't have stock of the requested item, you can skip adding it (which will mean the charge also doesn't get added to the job / invoice).

2. Deliver to customer

Once picking is complete, the job will move to the second step to deliver the picked items to the customer. You'll get an overview of the items and store products to deliver / provide to the customer.

Click on the address to open Google Maps navigation to that location. In the case you are doing this on a mobile device, the Google Maps app will open to start navigation.

Click on the phone number to start a call to the customer.

Successful delivery

Once delivery is done, click on the Delivered button to complete the job. Once complete, an email notification will go out to the customer confirming the delivery job was completed.

Failed delivery

If, for whatever reason, the customer is not available and the delivery isn't possible, click on the Delivery failed button. The system will automatically create another job to put the items back into storage, add a Failed delivery charge to the job and send an email notification to the customer.

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