The Job tab and job flow is being replaced by Valet orders. Read the help doc for Valet orders here.


To understand how jobs work in general & the setup of a job page, check out the Job Overview doc.

These jobs are to return items in storage to a customer. 

1. Pick from warehouse

In the first part of Return delivery job, the system will give you a list of the items ordered with the item type, item ID and the respective location for each item in your storage facilities.

Locate each item and once all items are picked, click on the Picked green button to move onto phase 2 of the job: delivery.

At this point in time, the item state for the items will be set to In transit (to customer).

Note: If, for some reason, there are issues locating items based on the location given, the first step to take is to go to the Item Details page and review the History. This is the best place to start in identifying if an item's location was set incorrectly by a user in the past. The system cannot completely avoid manual errors from happening but when they do, the History section will help you figure out what happened and rectify the issue. You can click through to each item's page by clicking on the respective item ID in the Items section in the job page.  

2. Deliver to customer

Once picking is complete, the job will move to the second step to deliver the picked items to the customer. You'll get an overview of the items to deliver to the customer.

Click on the address to open Google Maps navigation to that location. In the case you are doing this on a mobile device, the Google Maps app will open to start navigation.

Click on the phone number to start a call to the customer.

Successful delivery

Once delivery is done, click on the Delivered button to complete the job. Once complete, an email notification will go out to the customer confirming the delivery job was completed.

A Return delivery charge will be added to the job once it is completed. This charge will automatically be added to the next invoice. If you want to waive the charge, click on the trash icon.

Failed delivery

If, for whatever reason, the customer is not available and the delivery isn't possible, click on the Delivery failed button. The system will automatically create another job to put the items back into storage, add a Failed delivery charge to the job and send an email notification to the customer. 

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