The Job tab and job flow is being replaced by Valet orders. Read the help doc for Valet orders here.


To understand how jobs work in general & the setup of a job page, check out the Job Overview doc.

In the case that the delivery or collection of items fails (e.g. customer is not available), the jobs get marked as Failed delivery or Failed collection

Customer email notification

Whenever a job is marked as Failed, the customer will automatically receive an email notification advising them of the failed job and advising them how to re-book the job (either by calling you or via the Customer Portal). 

Failed delivery or collection fee

When a job is marked as Failed, the system will automatically add the respective Failed delivery or Failed collection fee to the Charges section of the job. If you want to waive the fee, simply click on the trash icon to delete it. If you want to edit the charges, you can do so from the Delivery charges settings.

In the case that an Empty box delivery job or a Return delivery job is marked as Failed delivery, the system will automatically create a new related job to put the items that had been picked back into storage. This is to ensure that no items are left in an in transit state or without a location. 

The system will log this change and the details of the respective jobs in the History section of the job page. Click on the job created by the system to put the items back into storage.

Store in warehouse

In the system generated job, the job acts replicates a Collection job but with the collection step already completed as the items are already with the driver (given they were not delivered to the customer).

Set the item locations

Click on the Set location button on each item to update the location as you put the items back into storage.

Hint: You may want to put items into a holding location while communicating with the customer about rearranging the delivery job or you can put them directly into a storage location and pick again when a new job is created. 

Completing the job

Once all items are updated, click on the Stored button to complete the job.

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