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You can create notices to your customers about your online ordering website.

If you navigate to the dashboard, you can find the screen at

Stores > Store Settings > Store Notices > Add store notice

Once you’ve created your notice, click Save

You can add multiple notices and choose where you would like them to be displayed; above your menu, on the basket page and/or on the order status.

Notifications can be set in yellow, blue, or green. They come with icons for warning, information, and success respectively.

You can have as many as you like, and here’s what they look like to customers:

This is how your menu would appear to customers on a mobile device.

Here's how the basket page would look like on a mobile device.

If you have multiple store notices, only the first one would appear on the basket page.

Here's how the checkout page would look like on a mobile device.

To remove a store notice from customer view simply untick the box "Show on". The store notice will be saved on your account and ready to reactivate whenever necessary.

Here are some examples of common store notices:

If you'd like to show a message beneath your menu instead, go to Stores > Branding > Menu Notice. We'll automatically make links clickable.

Just below Menu Notice, you can also customise the message shown to customers when your store is 'closed'. Don't forget to hit Save!

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