Star Micronics MC Print 3/MC Print 2 set up

  1. Download Star Quick Setup Utility on your phone or tablet:

• For iPhone and iPad: click here

• For Android devices: click here

  1. Connect your printer via LAN cable to your router.

2. Open Star Quick Setup Utility on your phone or tablet.

Note: Make sure that your device is connected to the same network as your printer.

A. Press: ‘Selected Printer’. You will now be able to register your printer.

Note: The printer should have a steady green light before you can select a printer, otherwise it will not show up.

B. Once you have selected your printer, go to: ‘Printer Settings’

C. In Printer Settings, select: ‘Star CloudPRNT settings’

D. Type in printer default password: ‘public’. Then create your own password. You will be using the newly created password from now on, so make a note of it. Then enable: CloudPRNT Service.

E. Enter server URL:

Make sure there is no space before or after the text.

F. Press: ‘Apply’

G. Now Return to ‘Printer Settings’. Select: ‘Firmware Update’. Download the latest version of the Firmware, and Update your printer.

H. Make a note of the printer MAC address. You will need it to connect your printer to your store on StoreKit.

  1. Go to Storekit (

On your dashboard, select: StoresStore SettingsPrinting -- Connect printer

A. Select your printer Model

B. Select your text size, choose type of printing (Auto print or Manual)

C. Choose number of copies, add buffer if necessary

D. Enter printer’s Mac address from step H) and hit add printer

  1. Enter confirmation code (automatically printed once the printer is added).

  2. Your printer is now ready for use!

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