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Turn on Inventory Management
Turn on Inventory Management
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The inventory feature is for when you wish to count down limited inventory stock. When inventory runs out, the item will no longer be available to buy on your menu. You can also press the pause button on an item to stop it from being ordered.

Inventory is set product by product.

  • Go to your Dashboard

  • Head to your Menus tab on the left hand side

  • Select a menu

  • Select a product via the Edit button on the right hand side of the menu categories

  • Click on the Track inventory slider

  • Enter how many units you are able to sell.

  • Click on the Save product to go back to the menu page

Please note

  • Turning off the inventory tracker will not stop the product from being sold.

  • For now, modifiers cannot be tracked. For example, even if you have run out of chips on your main menu, if given as a modifier they will still be available.

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