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You can create discounts at any time by pressing the “create discount” button.

First, navigate to the discounts tab on the left-hand menu. The create discount button is then at the top right of the screen.

In the create discount page it will prompt you to set the discount code, description, format (% or absolute value).

The discount code must only include letters and numbers and be more than 3 characters. Given that some customers will be entering the values on mobile, it’s best to make it short.

You can also add an optional description for your discount, which will only appear internally.

You can select which stores to which to apply the discount. For now, you cannot set discounts to specific items for specific customers – you can change an item’s price in the menu tab.

The page also invites you to enter requirements to access the discount, including a minimum spend, a discount use limit.

To finish, press Save Discount.

We also support advanced discounts - if you'd like to set up an automatic discount at checkout or for a specific menu category please get in contact with us.

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