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Add modifiers to your menu items
Add modifiers to your menu items
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You can add modifiers to any of your menu items. Adding consistent tempting modifiers has been shown to increase the price of customer orders.

Modifiers can serve many purposes. They can be used for

  • upselling side dishes or sauces

  • offering different sizes of your products

  • vegan/gluten-free options

  • bundles and meal deals

  • or 2-for-1 offers.

To add modifiers, go to the menu of your store, and click on an item. Then, click on Modifiers on top of the pop-up box.

Modifier options

Modifiers can be optional, required, mutually exclusive, or not. You can set up as many groups as you need.

If a modifier is optional, set the minimum number of modifiers in that category to zero.

If a modifier is required (e.g. half-pint, pint) set the minimum number of modifiers in that category to one.

If modifiers in a single category are mutually exclusive, (e.g. small, medium, large) set the maximum number of modifiers in that category to one.

What customers see:

Below is what your modifiers look like on the customer view.

There are two groups here: the first modifier is optional, the options come at an extra cost, and you can choose as many as you like.

The second modifier is required, free, and mutually exclusive.

Additionally, there is also a track inventory feature available to help you keep track of your modifiers.

To enable this feature:

  • Select the modifier category and click on the "Edit" icon.

  • Scroll down until you find the "Track Inventory" button.

  • Toggle the button "On" and input the current stock quantity

  • Don't forget to click on save to apply the changes.

If a customer selects a modifier with a zero (0) stock quantity, they will get an error message indicating that the modifier item is no longer available.

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