To set up one or more delivery zones:

  • Go to your Stores page on left hand side

  • Click on Store Settings in the top right corner

  • Go to Delivery Zones > add delivery zone

Multiple Delivery Zones

You can add multiple delivery zones to a single store. This means different fees will occur at incremental distances.

All the delivery zones are done by radius meaning delivery zones can only be set as circles with your restaurant in the middle.

The “distance” refers to the outer bound of each delivery zone.

The “price” refers to the total delivery price paid for that zone.


If your first delivery zone is set for 3 miles, and your second is set for 4 miles, and you set the prices as £1.00 and £2.00 respectively, a customer will be charged £2.00 if they order at 3.9 miles away as the crow flies. At 4.01 miles away, they will not be able to order.

You can add as many delivery zones as you like.

  • You can set multiple delivery “zones” at distances

  • Pricing will be based within the distance of miles

  • When finished, always click save store

Please note that when enabling the delivery zones + fees, you should have the generic delivery fee set to £0.00

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