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Sales Reports
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To access sales reports for your stores, simply go to

Analytics > Sales

Here, you have two types of reports: transactional and operational. Transactional reports treat the day as ending at midnight. Operational reports treat the day as ending at 5am and record preorders on the day the order was taken.

You can sort your reports by store. If you have more than one store, you can select multiple stores on the top right corner.

You can also access other useful data, such as revenue by area to know which areas and tables sell the most; Time of day will tell you which are the busiest hours; Day of week will tell you which are the busiest days; See your most popular products; As well as the most popular categories.

You can use this information to develop your marketing strategy, efficiently coordinate your staff, or create discounts that will boost your sales.

Reports can be exported. Open the page of the report you'd like to save and click “Export”. The file will automatically download.

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