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To properly setup pre-orders, first go to

Stores > Store Settings > Opening Hours

If you haven't set up your opening hours when initially creating your store, it will be 'Open 24 hours' by default. To set your opening hours, toggle off 'Open 24 hours' on the days you are open for business. You can then set up your opening hours accordingly.

Scroll down and click Save to apply the changes

Go back to Store Settings and click on Pre-Orders

  1. Enable to allow customers to order in advance:

    • Toggle on to enable pre-orders.

    • Toggle off to disable pre-orders. Your store will then use the "Preparation time" under Stores > Settings > Operations as the pickup/delivery time. Learn more here

  2. Enable to allow customers to order outside of opening hours:

    • Toggle on if you'd like customers to order outside of your opening hours.

    • Customers will only be able to select from the pickup and delivery times you've set up

There are separate sections for pick-up and delivery in your Pre-order settings. This means that you can set up different slots for pick-up and delivery within the same store!

To set up pre-orders, first, choose the time slot for the pre-orders, how many orders per slot you'd like to accept, a monetary limit per slot, and how many days in advance your customers can order from your store.

Order cut-off will define how many days you need to prepare the order. If you can accept orders for the same day, simply leave it as 0.

The max orders per slot will determine how many orders you can accept for every interval. When your max is reached, the time (for pick up or delivery) will no longer be available for new orders.

Then, select pickup times/delivery times, i.e. what days and times the orders can be delivered or collected.

You can add multiple intervals per day, as much as your manpower can handle, and even set a monetary limit per slot.

Don't forget to press Save to apply the changes.

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