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You can set up service charges and minimum spend amounts for delivery and pickup for your stores.

Simply go to

Stores > Store Settings > Operations

You can set up a minimum order amount, the amount of time it takes you to prepare an order and allow your customers to add a note to their order at checkout.

Here is where you can edit Order Notifications; to receive them through either email & browser or just the browser.
If you are using Pay at Table, you can also choose to 'print a message when a customer's payment fails'.

To require a Manager PIN for restricted actions like refunds, you can enable the PIN. Once enabled, users would need to enter this PIN code to process a refund.

Fees are an optional charge that is fixed for every order placed. Not to be confused with gratuity. They show up on the sales reports as SERVICE CHARGES, whereas gratuity will show up as TIPS. Like gratuity, you can add a label to rename as well.

You can also enable auto-accept so whenever a customer places an order, it will automatically be accepted and printed if you have a printer set up.

Don't forget to press Save to apply the changes.

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