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Boost Your Online Ratings with Smart Reviews
Boost Your Online Ratings with Smart Reviews

A quick guide on our premium Smart Review feature - helping restaurant partners boost their online ratings and manage feedback, in real-time

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Storekit's new Smart Reviews premium feature will help you improve your restaurant's online reputation. How? By prompting guests that have given you a 5-star rating to leave a public review on third-party platforms (such as Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor & more). Your rankings will rise in no time.

Why is this good? This helps to show new customers that your restaurant is highly-rated and will increase the likelihood of them choosing your restaurant over others in the area. What does that mean? More footfall to your restaurant.

Combined this with reputation management products such as and Podium and Stampede, to easily monitor and manage your online reputation.

The Smart Reviews feature also allows you to collect more detailed & constructive customer feedback, from negative experiences. This is invaluable in truly understanding your customer's experience, and will help you improve your service. And don't worry - negative feedback stays private.

By utilising customer feedback, you can tailor your service to better meet the needs of your customers and create a better overall experience in your restaurant.

By using Smart Reviews in your restaurant - you'll boost your public reputation & ratings, whilst privately managing any negative feedback. Allowing you to improve your customer experience from feedback, whilst improving your public reputation at the same time.

Want to activate Smart Reviews? Contact your account manager, or message us now using our Live Chat in the corner of your screen.

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