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Increase Footfall and Brand Loyalty with Mailchimp Marketing Integration
Increase Footfall and Brand Loyalty with Mailchimp Marketing Integration

Our latest integration with Mailchimp makes marketing easy - boost footfall, customer loyalty & sales just by sending emails

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Our new integration with Mailchimp takes all of the hassle out of email marketing. But you're probably asking yourself - what is Mailchimp? Mailchimp is an all-in-one email marketing platform that helps you manage and talk to your customers.

In short - it'll help you send out marketing emails to customers.

Why is this useful? Picture this - you've had a loyal customer for 20 years. Every Wednesday and Friday, they're in your restaurant at their table. Then one week, they're no longer there. Another week goes by - still no visit. After a month goes by, you're sitting there, wishing that you asked for their email address so that you could stay in touch. But that would've been awkward, right?

Well, thanks to storekit - you don't need to ask them. We do it for you. When a customer places their order, we capture their email address for marketing purposes. And this is where Mailchimp now comes into play. Without Mailchimp (or other CRM systems, such as Stampede or Airship) you'll still not be keeping in touch with customers.

With Mailchimp, you'll be able to create branded emails to send out to customers. These can be used to offer deals & discounts, getting them back through your door. Or just to keep them updated with the latest news - such as new menu items, or events.

What does the integration with Mailchimp do? By integrating storekit with Mailchimp, it means that when a customer places an order on storekit, their email address goes into Mailchimp, automatically. So there's no need to manually enter 1000s of email addresses. That's one (or maybe a thousand) less things for you to do, to grow your business.

Want to activate our Mailchimp integration? Watch the video below. If you need help, contact your account manager, or message us now using our Live Chat in the corner of your screen.

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