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Understand Your Business and Sales Data with our Improved Sales Reporting Tools
Understand Your Business and Sales Data with our Improved Sales Reporting Tools

Here's a summary of our new & improved sales reporting suite - giving you the tools to understand your business

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You asked. We delivered. The team has been hard at work, building out our reporting suite. This article is just 1 of 4, which will cover our new & improved reporting suite - for sales, accounting, marketing and customer feedback. This week, we're covering the sales reports. These new reports give you a greater understanding of your sales data - without the need for a data analyst.

Before we begin, we need to cover some definitions. All of these reports are time-based. So you can set a date range, to see your sales data within those given dates. But you can also toggle between Operational reporting and Transactional reporting. Operational reporting will end your reports when your shifts end (open/close times). Transactional reports will end at midnight. If you're a multi-site operator, you can toggle between sites - or view all of your sites at once.

That's all you need to know. Now let's do this.

Revenue, Revenue by Area, Z-Reports & Average Order Value

The first 4 reports will give you a general overview of your performance. As you can probably guess, our revenue report gives you a breakdown of your sales data, by day. Revenue by area breaks this down a little further - showing you the total revenue generated in each area of your venue. Your Z-Report gives you all of your accounting needs, at a glance. Finally, your Average Order Value will show you how the average spend per customer fluctuates throughout the selected time period.

Day of Week & Time of Day

This is where things start getting interesting... What it says on the tin, you would think is quite simple. How busy is your venue by day, and by time? But it's what you can do with this information that is exciting... Think about activating discount codes that can only be used on specific days or times. Think of the promotional deals you can create for midweek trade. A great example of this is how some of our venues are now offering midweek Meal Deals (a Main, a Side & a Soft Drink) at a discount.

Products & Categories

The Products tab gives you a breakdown of all of your individual product sales. This can highlight winning combinations - but also losing products too. You may want to rethink your menu structure from this. Perhaps promoting offers to your most popular (or profitable) combinations of products, whilst trimming your menu of unwanted items. Categories provide more information. Allowing you to see sales by category, but also the products and modifications within.


This one goes out to everyone using storekit's delivery feature. This gives you an understanding of where your orders are coming from. Showing you geographical locations and hotspots on an easy-to-read map. Whilst showing you how profitable your delivery regions are for your restaurant.


And here's one for the staff. This shows the total value of tips, per day. If you want to find out more information about our tipping feature, tap here.

Discounts & Discounted Orders

In addition to the Discounts suite on your storekit dashboard, you can find everything you need within Sales Reports. The Discounts tab will show you how successful each promotion has been - how many people have redeemed it, the total value of redemptions and how many orders this has generated. Use this to shape future discounts, based on success. Discounted Orders dig deeper, by showing you the individual orders that have used these discount codes. Just like the Products tab, you can use this to see winning combinations - for instance, does offering a Free Side usually lead to Fries getting added? What does this do to the average spend per order? The use cases are limitless.

All of these features are live in your storekit dashboard. If you want to find out more about storekit, or other features, feel free to contact your account manager, or message us now using our Live Chat in the corner of your screen.

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