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To view transactions in your Pay at Table store, access your storekit dashboard and click on the Tables tab.

Open bills - all orders accessed (scanned) via QR code by a customer's device

Closed bills - all orders accessed (scanned) via QR codes are now paid via storekit, or produced by card machine


If the bill is paid via card machine in full, it will remain in the Open Bills section for a few minutes but will not be seen in the Open Tables section.

If you need to locate specific transactions from previous dates or tables, you may filter the search results by date or table number, accessible in the top-right corner of the page.

Making a refund

In case a refund is necessary, select the "View Payments" button beside the order, and you will be directed to the refund button. Please note that each order can only be refunded once. Clicking the refund button twice will not initiate a second refund.

If you need to locate older transactions, you can access them by clicking on Reports> Accounting> All Transactions. You will also be able to view all transaction information on your POS.

Please note that when customers add to a bill using storekit, the order will be displayed as "Cash" in the Orders tab, and it will not be reflected in the Reports tab.

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