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Custom Text for Tips/Service Charge
Custom Text for Tips/Service Charge
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Introducing Custom Text for Tips/Service Charge, a new feature that enables businesses to personalise payment experiences. Through tailored messaging, businesses can engage customers, foster loyalty, promote social responsibility, provide tipping guidance, and easily implement the feature to align with their brand.

Key Features:

  • Personalised messaging: Customise text for tip and service charge options

  • Engage customers: Tailor messages to express appreciation and convey brand values

  • Foster loyalty: Strengthen connections by making customers feel valued and appreciated

  • Promote social responsibility: Encourage contributions to charities or environmental initiatives

  • Extra tips: Enabling pay-at-table tipping in addition to service charge empowers staff by giving them a direct opportunity to receive immediate recognition and appreciation for their exceptional service, fostering motivation and incentivizing continued excellence.

  • Provide tipping guidance: Display suggested tip percentages or amounts for exceptional service

  • Easy implementation: User-friendly interface for effortless customisation

This feature is available via premium subscription. If interested, click the chat widget on the bottom right of your storekit dashboard to reach us.

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