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Larger images (menu + product)
Larger images (menu + product)
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Introducing Larger Images, a groundbreaking feature that enables businesses to showcase their menus and products with stunning clarity. With enhanced visual appeal, streamlined decision-making, improved user experience, and increased engagement rates, Larger Images revolutionise the way customers interact with businesses.

Compared to regular-size images:

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: Present menus and products with captivating high-resolution images/videos, showcasing every detail in stunning clarity.

  • Streamlined Decision Making: Simplify the customer's choice by providing visually enticing images that enable quick assessments of quality and presentation.

  • Improved User Experience: Allow customers to effortlessly navigate menus and product catalogues with larger images, enhancing their browsing experience.

  • Increased Engagement and Conversion Rates: Grab customers' attention, stimulate desire, and drive higher click-through and conversion rates with visually appealing images.

This feature is available via premium subscription. If interested, please reach out to your account manager or click on the chat icon on the bottom right of your storekit dashboard to reach us.

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