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How to build your storekit menu
How to build your storekit menu
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After creating your storekit account (create an account here) and setting up your store's basic information (store info, address, email, branding, opening hours, etc.), it is now time to build your storekit menu!

There are three ways to set up your menu.

  1. Enter manually: Enter your menu items in our easy-to-use menu builder.

    • Create your first category. This can be Pizzas, Brunch, Soft Drinks, etc.

    • Each category can also include a description but is not required.

    • You can always reorganise the order of categories later by clicking on the category and dragging it up or down. Note: You may be unable to do this on your phone/iPad browser. We recommend using a laptop/computer to make your menu-building experience more seamless.

    • Once your first category has been created, it's now time to create your first product!

    • Add the item/product name, description, price, and image.

    • We provide several ways to upload images to your products:

      • From device

      • Instagram

      • Dropbox

      • From link

      • Google Drive

    • Once the image is uploaded, you can crop, rotate, flip, edit brightness, exposure, gamma and contrast. Want to add a filter? You can do that too!

    • Click on the Allergens tab right beside "Details" at the top to add allergens to this product. Note: please see the Food Standards Agency's guidance for food businesses as some allergens are required by law to be disclosed.

    • Modifiers can be added once the product has been created. Click on Create Product. More info on how to create modifiers here.

  2. Import from a spreadsheet: Import all your menu items from a CSV or Excel file you've prepared.

    • Go to your menu (Stores > Edit menu) then click on the Import button at the top right.

    • You can upload your own CSV/Excel file or manually enter your data on the provided spreadsheet.

    • Then, you will need to match each column header on the next page.

    • Click Review and upload. In case the upload fails, make sure the column headers match. You can also 'Ignore' irrelevant column headers.

  3. Import from a PDF or website: Give us a PDF or website link for your menu and we'll do the hard work of getting it into storekit!

    • The expected time to complete your menu will be 2-3 days and each storekit account is given up to 3 free imports per year!

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