A Guide to Using Calendar

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This feature is designed to help you to organize and schedule activities and events that will be happening in your care community.

How to View Your Calendars

After selecting Calendar from the Dashboard, you can toggle between Month, Week, Day, or Today view at the top.

This will show you any events scheduled within that period of time.


From the Month/Week views, the full details of a particular event can be seen by simply clicking on it.

If more than one calendar has been created, you can view the others by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top of the page where it says 'All Events' by default.

How to View a Service User's Calendar

You can go to the Service User's profile and click on Calendar from there.

OR, from the main Calendar page on Dashboard, go to the. Filter by Service User drop-down menu.

Select the Service User.

Keep in mind this will only show activities or events that the service user was 'invited to' when the activity or event was scheduled.

How to Add an Event or Schedule an Activity

Adding a Calendar Event

  1. Go to Calendar from the Dashboard

  2. Click Add in the top right corner of the screen

  3. Search for an activity or click New Activity Type to create a new one (click the pencil icons to edit the fields and hit Save when finished)

  4. Click on the activity you wish to schedule

5. Complete the details of the planned event (required fields are marked with an asterisk*)

Recurring Activities

If you mark an event as recurring, then the same details will be added into the calendar at the agreed intervals (e.g. weekly, daily).

Activity Tags

You can choose to tag an activity using the Tags dropdown. This will color code the events, which gives you calendar some contrast and helps everyone to see at a glance what type of events are being run. Tags can be customized in Calendar Settings (the orange settings cog at the top of the Calendar screen).

Enable Service Users & Connections to RSVP

By ticking Enable RSVP, you can set a limit to how many participants can attend or participate in an activity.

This will also allow your Service Users to sign up to attend events if they have their own Storii accounts (Read more).

Additionally, you can select Allow Connections to RSVP. This enables your Service Users' loved ones to sign up to attend community events.

You can see who has RSVP'd to an event from the Day view on Calendar.

Adding a Cover Photo

Add a cover picture to give your activity some flair when seen in the Day view.

When all your activity or event's details are entered, scroll to the top and hit Save.

How to Cancel or Delete an Activity or Event

  1. Go to Calendar

  2. Click on Day view

  3. Find the activity you want to cancel

  4. Click on the three dots in the right-hand corner

Marking as cancelled will leave the event visible so that others can see what was originally scheduled. 

For a recurring event you will be asked whether or not to delete all future events of that type. 

Deleting an event cannot be undone, and the event will be completely removed from the calendar.

How to Use Calendar Settings

In this video we will cover:

  • How to add multiple Custom Calendars

  • How to add Custom Locations

  • How to add Custom Wellness Tags

  • How to set up Digital Signage (Read more here)

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