A Guide to Digital Signage

Empower your day center or senior living community with beautiful displays that are synced in real-time with your StoriiCare calendars.

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Turn any smart TV or television with an HDMI socket into a powerful Digital Interface using an the StoriiCare Digital Signage App!

StoriiCare Digital Signage Setup

How to Create & Edit Your Digital Signage Calendar Display

Each business can have multiple calendar ‘links’. This enables you to build multiple customized calendars for different purposes. For example one calendar may be customised to suit a Reception Area TV, and another may be customized more towards Service Users.

To access your calendar links, select the chain link icon circled below within the activity calendar feature on StoriiCare.

You should already have at least one calendar link waiting for you. If not, or if you'd like to create a new one, click on the orange + icon.

The following page should open:

From here you can:

  • Change the Calendar name

  • Allow/Disallow navigation from view to view

  • Control which views (Month,Week or/and Day) can be shown

  • Choose whether the calendar will automatically rotate between views

  • Select your own primary color to match your branding. (If you don’t know your colour ‘Hexcode’, you can use sites such as https://goo.gl/iMVcDz to upload an image and find out it’s colors)

Once you have made the necessary changes, remember to hit 'Save'.

Calendars can be turned on and off at any time, so ensure your calendar is set to ‘on’, by clicking the toggle next to the calendar name. Once on, it will be orange, as highlighted below.

You can test how a calendar display will look by copying a link.

Either manually select the link text or select the orange ‘paper’ icon to the left of the pencil icon, and the link will be copied to your clipboard.

Paste the link into a new tab in your browser to view the calendar. It will look something like the page below, depending on which view is displayed.

Changing the Photos Displayed in Your Digital Signage Calendar

To change the images displayed on the Day View, you must add images to a designated ‘Public Calendar’ folder within the Business Media tab (circled below).

Content added to the Public Calendar folder (circled below) will circulate in a slideshow on the day view.

Content will be displayed as soon as it is uploaded and no longer displayed as soon as it is removed from the folder.

You can even upload photos during a day out, and staff and service users unable to attend will be able to view your outing on your connected TV’s straight away!

Calendar links can also be used to embed Calendars on your own website. To learn how to do this, please visit our Calendar website implementation Guide.

Displaying Your Calendar via Smart TV or Amazon Firestick

1. Plug the Amazon Firestick into an HDMI port in your TV/Monitor (if using a smart TV, skip to step 3)

2. Ensure your TV/Monitor is set to the correct source. e.g. HDMI 1/2

3. Download the StoriiCare Digital Signage App (available via Amazon App Store or Google Play Store)

4. Go to your Calendar settings in StoriiCare. Find your StoriiCare calendar code by clicking the TV icon next to the calendar you wish to display.

5. Enter this code into the StoriiCare Digital Signage App.

6. You should see your StoriiCare calendar load and display on the TV. No further action is required. If you do not see this, please call StoriiCare support or talk to one of our team via our live chat feature.

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