What is StoriiCare?

StoriiCare is an electronic system for care staff to record and evidence the care and activities they provide to your loved one. 

It has been designed to help staff save time on paperwork tasks, and as a result increase the amount of quality time they can spend with those they care for. 

It also allows close friends family members to stay up to date on the activities and life of their loved one. Close friends and family members can be invited to sign up as a Connection.

 If your loved one’s service has started using StoriiCare, you may have been asked about becoming a Connection too.

What is a Connection?

Being a Connection allows you to connect electronically through StoriiCare to your loved one who is receiving care, and the staff team working with them. 

If you have been invited to be a Connection you are most likely someone who knows the person receiving care to a very high level, and are most likely a named person in their records.

What will I be able to see or do as a Connection?

Being a Connection allows you to be involved in the care that your loved one receives:

  • You can receive updates when your loved one has taken part in Activities.
  • In Media, can view and comment on the photographs that staff upload of your loved one taking part in activities, or just generally living life!
  • You can also contribute by uploading photographs of your loved one to their Media section. These can be viewed by staff so that they can get to know your loved one even better, and engage your loved one in memories of their earlier life.
  • You can view the facility's Activity Calendar and even sign up to events alongside your loved one (if this is enabled).
  • You can contribute to music Playlists. If you know just the right song to lift your loved one’s mood or to prompt happy memories, you can build a personal music playlist that staff can also use to engage your loved one.
  • You can contribute their 'My Places' in the Places tab of their profile. Here, you can look up, describe, and save significant locations from their life using Google Street View. These can be visited again and again for fun or reminisence purposes.

Your StoriiCare profile will look something like this:

How do I become a Connection?

If your loved one’s care service is using StoriiCare, then they can invite you to become a Connection. 

To do this, they will need to know either your email address, or if you have a smartphone, they can invite you by text message. 

You will then receive a link via email or text that will instruct you on how to sign up for a Storii account.

Let your loved one’s care service know what contact details you are happy for them to use, and then you can get started. 

Note: In order to ensure that all parties are safe and appropriately supported, any invitation made to be a Connection will be at the discretion of the service provider and your loved one’s wider care team.

How do I login to Storii?

Once your account is created, you can sign into your StoriiCare account by visiting www.storii.com and clicking on the 'Login' button. 

Alternatively, your loved one's care facility might give you access to a login on their website.

You will then sign in using the username and password that you created when you signed up for your Storii account. 

You can always login to Storii using your computer, but there is a Storii app available for smartphone and tablet devices in Google Play and App Store. 

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