Every service user will have a 'This is Me' section on their care dashboard. 

Filling out these sections allows staff to get to know the individuals they're caring for better. 

This is especially helpful for new staff, but filling out these forms with a service user and/or their loved one(s) can be a great, bonding activity. 

When you open 'This is Me' you will see a screen that looks something like this:

A Note for Admins/Managers: To customize your 'This is Me' template (rename sections, add or delete sections, change section icons, etc.), click on the 'Business Settings' button on your Dashboard cover photo. Then, select 'This is Me' from the left hand column.

When you click into a category, a screen will appear. To fill out each section, click the orange 'Edit' button in the top, right hand corner.

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