A Guide to Using Homecare

View and export recorded in-person visit records with Service Users. Learn more here.

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Businesses using the StoriiCare HomeCare App to record visits will use the Homecare feature on the StoriiCare dashboard. Download the Storii HomeCare App via the links below:

Once inside the Homecare feature on StoriiCare, you can see a high-level overview of completed visits:

  • Number of visits that day

  • Number of visits that week

  • Number of visits that month

  • Number of total visits

Additionally, you'll see a list of each visit completed with the Service User's name, care staff name, date and time.

You can filter through these visits by selecting specific staff or Service User names from the drop-down menus on the right-hand side.

If you click onto a completed visit, a window will expand showing all the details of what was recorded during that time.

How to View & Upload HomeCare Schedule

You can upload PDF, JPG, PNG or CSV files of schedules and rotas for staff to view when they log into StoriiCare.

  1. Click on Homecare from the Dashboard

  2. Click on Schedule (top, right-hand corner)

  3. Click Upload new schedule or click on an already uploaded schedule to view it

How to Export Completed HomeCare Visit Data

  1. Click on Homecare from the Dashboard

  2. Click on Export (top, right-hand corner)

  3. Filter for the Service User and Staff or date range you wish to export

  4. Export as a CSV or a PDF

How to use the HomeCare App

In order for staff to login via our dedicated HomeCare app (Apple or Android), they must have Direct Login enabled for their staff profile. You can learn how to enable direct login via this article.

Staff can login to the app using their dedicated username and normal password they use to login to their staff profile. Staff can find their username by clicking the 'i' icon next to their name on the Staff Tab within StoriiCare.

Exporting a List of All Staff Usernames

If you need to distribute usernames to your staff, you can easily print off a list by going to Dashboard > Exports > Staff Usernames. This will download a CSV file to your device.

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