You can navigate to the Support section by clicking on the 'Support' button, which is located at the bottom of the sidebar menu.

Once inside, you'll have access to all our support resources:

Directly under the Support heading you can find help articles by clicking Search knowledge base, instant message with our support team by clicking Launch live chat or call us directly for help.


By clicking on Getting Started, Technical Guides, or Connecting Families, you'll find a list of helpful written manuals.

By clicking on Training videos, you can watch a series of helpful video tutorials for carrying out various actions on StoriiCare.

By clicking on Book a support call you'll be directed to our booking calendar. Here, you can schedule a time to video chat with a member of our support team over zoom. These sessions can be used for training new members of staff or troubleshooting a technical problem. Generally these sessions are 1-on-1, but more than one member of staff can be invited.


Getting to know our features will take you to our collection of help articles.

Feature Requests and Bug Reports will open up a window where you can:

  • Submit any update or change request to a feature

  • Submit a report if you're experiencing a bug or glitch on the platform

  • View our product roadmap (see which updates are planned, in progress, and completed). You can comment and upvote on these items.

If you manage multiple communities, you may use Group Portal to view analytics for all sites across the platform. From here you can login to each business as well.

Family Portal will take you to, where connected friends and relatives can login to their Storii account.


Recent Updates is where you'll find our monthly product updates. When a new product update has been posted, you will see the green light bulb icon on the Support section tab and next to the Recent Updates link.

Our Blog is regularly updated with industry information, best practices, activity ideas, and ways to get the most out of StoriiCare.

You can find information about StoriiCare's Jobs openings and Partners in this section as well.

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