As you use StoriiCare, you'll notice drop down menus like this in many of the features:

These menus allow you to filter for specific service user or staff groups. The purpose is to make it quicker and easier to record and document. Rather than scrolling through hundreds of names, you can simply filter the list to show you the specific name(s) you're looking for. This is especially useful for instances where a staff member is taking activity attendance or assigning care tasks, for example.

How to Create Groups in StoriiCare

To create a staff or service user group, you will need to navigate to Business Settings (located at the bottom of StoriiCare's side bar menu) and then select Groups from the left hand side.

To create a group click on the orage Add button in the top, right-hand corner.

Give the group a name.

Then search for and click on each service user you want to put in that group. Their name should highlight in orange once selected.

When finished, hit the orange Save button in the top, right-and corner.

How to Edit and Delete Groups in StoriiCare

To edit a Group you will click on the orange pencil icon next to it's name. Make changes to the name, select more service users, or deselect service users to remove them. Hit Save.

To delete a Group you will click on the trash can icon next to it's name.

Creating Staff Groups in StoriiCare

To create a staff group, you will need to swtich the toggle from Service Users to Staff. Then, you will follow the same instructions as above for creating a Service User group.

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