How to use the Workflows feature on StoriiCare

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Workflows can be used to automatically send email notifications when certain events occur on StoriiCare.

Workflows is currently an early Beta feature, and we will be making updates to it over time based on client requests and usage.

You can create a workflow by selecting the 'Add' button on the right-hand side.

In order for a workflow to run, ensure that it is enabled by pressing the 'Toggle' to the right-hand side of the workflow panel.

Once a workflow has been named and an optional description added, you will be able to set it up. Click onto the workflow, and you will be presented with an option to select a trigger. A trigger at current can be any recent action on StoriiCare.

** There is a special trigger selection for forms that will let you select specific forms to be notified for, as opposed to being notified for every form available. **

To receive any emails, you must also assign an action. At current, the only action available is to send an email. You may add as many emails as required to the action area.

Once your workflow is saved and enabled, you will receive emails based on the triggers you have set. We hope you enjoy using this feature and are interested to see what feedback and requests you may have!

Workflows FAQs

Q: You can pick multiple triggers in the one workflow- does this mean if just one of those occurs then it will send an email?

A: - Yes - workflows (at current) does not require all of the actions to trigger the email. It uses an 'OR' condition instead of an 'AND' condition.

Q: Will the email detail what trigger initiated it?
A: - Yes. Please do try this out yourself to see the data included in the email body and subject. Let us know if you might like to see anything else in these emails!

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