At current, StoriiCare does not directly interface with any accounting systems.

However, we do recommend using our exports from our Day Care Register or Schedule feature to speed up the process of generating client invoices.

When importing to an accounting system, most accounting software providers will require you to map to a specific template aligned to their platform. (e.g. see Xero's invoice import page below)

We recommend having a populated template file (without actual attendance data) for all service users ready to speed up the importing process.

Once an export is generated from StoriiCare, either from the Schedule or the Day Care Register feature, you will be able to easily transfer the total hours for each Service User to your template document, ready for importing and invoice generation.

Note - If you are a USA based client with Medicare / Medicaid / VA Service Users, we may be able to provide a portal login through our partner Change Healthcare for you to directly run eligible checks and submit & manage all claims.

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