A Guide to Using Services

Use Services to save time when it comes to billing. Create and edit billable services for use in StoriiCare Attendance Table Exports.

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What are Services?

A Service may be any billable item that is tracked by time increments (e.g. 15-minute units of service, full/half-day attendance, or monthly subscriptions). These can be applied to Participants, Staff, or Groups and used in the Attendance Table Exports to save time when it comes to billing.

How to Add a New Service

  • Open the Services feature on your dashboard

  • Click Add New

  • Name the service

  • Enter the date this service is valid from and to (unless it does not expire)

  • Set the time applied

  • Set any conditions (e.g. If you want to bill this rate for the first 5 hours of attendance, the condition would be 'Applied from the beginning of the log and when log duration is less than 5 hours')

  • Choose the unit of service

  • Enter the charge per unit

  • If needed, include rounding (see further instructions below)

  • Tag the service users and/or staff you want to apply this service to

  • Add any Schedule or Register tags that are applicable to this service

  • Click on the disc icon to save your work

How Rounding in Services Works

When you click on the Rounding field, you will be presented with the pop-up window pictured below.

  • Enter an example Start and End Date/Time at the top. This will allow you to visually see how different rounding combinations will impact the outcome.

  • As you click on the different options, you will see how this will affect the Final Result (at the bottom)

This should help you figure out how you want to configure this element.

Round the difference - use this option if seconds are important. It calculates the difference between the sign-in and sign-out time in seconds. Ex: If a participant signed-in at 08:30:59, Rounding the difference and then Rounding down would result in losing 59 seconds of potential time billed.

Round relative to the minute - If seconds are not important in your calculations, use this option.

In this example, the participant attended for 42 minutes. They are charged for 15-minute units, so we are going to round up to 45 minutes to get 3 units.

How to Bill for Medicaid (Setting up Conditional Services)

Example: Participants are billed in 15-minute units. If attending the center for 5 hours or less, they are charged one rate. If they attend for over 5 hours, they are billed at a full-day rate.

In this situation, you will need to create TWO services; one for a 'first 5 hours' rate and one for a full day rate. See this photo for a reference of how you would set this up:

How to Bill for the Medicare 8-Minute Rule

Here is how you would set up the Medicare 8-minute rule in Services, which you can read more about here.

How to Export Services Using Attendance Table

  • From your Dashboard, go to the Exports feature

  • Select Attendance Table

  • From here, you will want to ensure that you at least have the 'Include Participant Register' toggled on but you have the option to include other Register or Schedule data in your export

  • You can select specific Participants, Groups, Tags, etc., filtering this export to include only the information you need

  • Toggle on any additional parameters you wish to include (i.e. Sorting by last name or adding a Totals table)

  • Toggle on Calculate Services and select which services you wish to apply using the drop-down menu

  • You will then be able to download a CSV Attendance Table and/or QuickBooks export!

For more information on the Attendance Table Export, check out this article.

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