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How to Add Connections to a Storii Profile
How to Add Connections to a Storii Profile

Looking to add yourself or other relatives to an account so they can view answered questions? Learn more here.

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When you are a Connection on someone's Storii profile it means that you can do things like:

  • Receive text or email updates anytime a life story question is answered

  • View and listen to question responses

  • Add custom questions for your loved one to answer

  • Edit questions and responses

  • Add questions to the Upcoming Questions list (call queue)

  • Change the days and times of Life Story calls

How to Add a Connection over the Phone

Currently, this needs to be done by the storyteller. We are looking to update this soon to allow the initial purchaser to also add new relatives on behalf of a loved one. At the moment, only the storyteller can decide who is added as a Connection in order to protect their stories.

  • Call the number you receive Storii calls from (you must be using the phone we call in order for this to work)

  • Press 3 to add Connections

  • Follow the automated instructions over the phone

How to Add a Connection Online

  • Enter your phone number as your username

  • You can then send your phone a login code for the password (or initiate a phone call, if it is a landline number)

  • Once logged in, click the + where it says 'Connections'

  • That will bring you to this page, where you can enter a friend or family member's email address or phone number.

  • Click Add as a Connection

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